How to Study the Bible

Bible Study Basics with Pastor Keith Stewart


One of the biggest mistakes people make when studying the Bible is reading a passage or verse and immediately asking the question, “What does it mean?” That’s a step too far, too soon. Before we can ask “What does it mean?” We must first understand what Scripture says. In fact, the more time you spend figuring out what a verse actually says, the less time you’ll spend trying to discover its meaning. This short, three-hour course is designed to help equip you with the basic tools needed for understanding God’s Word. Pastor Keith will share what to look for, why it’s important, and how to put it all together for yourself.

Bible Study Basics Resources

Enjoy these resources which include the class videos, podcasts, presentation slides, cheat sheet, and handouts.
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Bible Study Basics - Part 1
Pastor Keith Stewart
November 1, 2018

Bible Study Basics - Part 2
Pastor Keith Stewart
November 8, 2018

Bible Study Basics - Part 3
Pastor Keith Stewart
November 15, 2018