Summer Camps 2019 Recap

This summer our NextGen ministry participated in three amazing camps! About 90 students and 145 kids were able to experience camps this summer.

In June, our Middle schoolers attended Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, Texas and our High School students traveled to Camp Glorieta in New Mexico. They were both true adventure camps where the students hiked, completed challenges like rock climbing, sherpa walks and zip drops. They also grew closer to each other and God through the awesome teaching and group talks. We were blessed to see about a dozen students make decisions to follow Christ.

In July, kids three years through 5th grade were here at Springcreek for PIT and DOG camps, that’s Puppies in Training and Depend on God for all of you NOT in the know! Kids heard great stories about an amazing God who loves them no matter what in between all the fun of crazy theme days, inflatable stations and new games every day. They also engaged in awesome worship and small groups! So many kids learned that church can be a fun place to be, which opened the doors for many kids to start asking questions about having a relationship with Jesus.

Many of you donated to the NextGen Scholarship fund and made it possible for kids and students to be a part of these great camps and grow closer to God. Thank you for making a difference! 2020… Here we come!


Middle School - Camp Eagle: June 8-13, 2020

High School - Glorieta: July 11-15, 2020

Elementary - D.O.G. Camp: July 20-24, 2020

camp eagle 2019.jpg

Camp Eagle 2019

Middle School Students
Camp Eagle - Rocksprings, TX
June 10-15, 2019

camp glorieta 2019.jpg

Camp Glorieta 2019

High School Students
Camp Glorieta - Glorieta, NM
July 11-16, 2019


P.I.T. Crew Camp

Preschoolers (3-5 years old)
P.I.T. Crew Camp (Puppies in Training)
Springcreek Church - NextGen Jungle
July 22-26, 2019

dog camp 2019.jpg

D.O.G. Camp

Elementary Kids (Completed Grades K-5)
D.O.G. Camp - Depend on God
Springcreek Church - NextGen Theater
July 22-26, 2019



NextGen Scholarship Fund

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the fun and transformation that happens during camps. 

Thank you to everyone who helped send a kid to camp this year. Please consider giving to the NextGen Scholarship Fund throughout the year. Your generosity will help make camp and other events a reality for a child/family in need.