Shared Sacrifice
$1 for $1

"I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing."  2 Samuel 24.24 (GNT)

Everything we do as believers, especially as it relates to our giving, is from the heart - never coerced - always freely and joyfully given. In light of these priorities, it is vitally important that whatever commitments we make be revealed in prayer and lived by faith. Over the course of this past year (May 2018 to May 2019), our church family has been making a concerted effort to pay off as much building debt as possible. In light of that, we are asking you to prayerfully consider what gift(s) you can make to our $1 for $1 Building Fund to help retire our debt in order to free up more resources for ministry impact locally and globally. Your gift will help move us closer to our goal that for every dollar we spend within our walls, we will spend a dollar outside our walls.
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Making a Kingdom Impact

Please prayerfully consider how you can help make a difference with our $1 for $1 Building Fund campaign:

Ask God to help us retire as much debt as possible in the next year in order to better resource God's kingdom priorities. In addition, ask God to clarify what He would have you do and for the faith to do what He tells you.

If you are not a regular giver, begin now. Your faithfulness to give as often as you are paid will benefit both you and the church.

Calculate the impact of an additional gift above and beyond what you presently give - an extra $20 a week translates to $1040 in a year and $100 a week becomes $5200 over a year's time.

Think about the resources that come your way over the course of a year, quarterly or year-end bonuses, incentives, commissions or dividends and how they might factor into how much you could give. Consider giving stocks, bonds, land or other assets that might be converted into cash.

Stories of Transformation

"A powerful story of transformation shared by Gina Buser!"

"I want to thank Scott Harper for powerfully sharing his testimony concerning his struggles with giving. Watching his journey of transformation has been one of my great joys in ministry. My hope for many others is to have the same breakthrough!"

- Pastor Keith Stewart

Ending Strong with $1 for $1

To help us end strong in the $1 for $1 Building Fund campaign, simply fill out a Shared Sacrifice Commitment Card (available at the Information Center) and drop it in an offering box. Then, begin honoring your pledge through any of our easy ways to give: Online Giving, Text to Give, Offering Envelopes, Giving Kiosks in the lobby, or Asset Gifting. Click below to learn more.

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Thank you for making a Kingdom impact!