A multi-racial faith movement for social justice

Faith in Texas is a multi-racial faith movement for social justice and a part of the PICO National Network. PICO stands for People Improving Communities through Organizing. PICO is the nation's largest network that develops civic leadership in low and moderate-income faith communities for economic and racial justice. 


How Faith in Texas Works at Springcreek

Listen to Your Stories

We listen to YOUR stories, concerns, and the problems, pain, and fears you see in your community. As we listen to our community here at Springcreek, we will begin to surface pressing issues affecting our neighborhoods, city, and region. At the same time, other churches that are a part of the Faith in Texas movement are doing the same thing in their communities. Towards the end of the summer, we will come together to identify common issues affecting us at the neighborhood, city, and regional levels that we want to change.

Research the Issues

Once we identify the issues we wish to change, we will research them thoroughly. We will discover potential solutions, find out who holds decision-making authority in our area, and develop relationships with public officials while developing an action plan to bring real change to our community. 

Plan of Action

When an action plan is developed, we will work together with community groups, other congregations in the area, and officials to create new programs and policy to affect change on the issue we want to improve. During the process, we will demonstrate our power and willingness to be active leaders in civic life, and provide accountability to public officials. 

Repeat to Improve

Because there is always something to improve in our community, the cycle never stops! We are always listening, researching, and acting to improve our community. Along the way, we raise new leaders, empower the people in our church and our neighborhoods, and build stronger relationships and communities. 

How Can I Help?

Tell Your Stories

Your story and your perspective matters! Will you use your voice to create change? All of us encounter problems, pain, fear, and stress due to circumstances in our community that seem beyond our control. By sharing your concerns and your stories, it brings broken systems and structures in our society to light, where we can work as God's church to redeem and heal them. Consider meeting with one of our Springcreek Organizing Team members for a one-to-one meeting or attending a House or Church Meeting to share your story and concerns.

If you want to participate in a one-to-one or House or Church Meeting,
email info@springcreekchurch.org

Join the Justice Team!

Interested in joining Springcreek's Faith in Texas Justice Team? Email info@springcreekchurch.org