Keith Stewart

Senior Pastor

Anybody who really knows me knows I love Jesus and I love my family. I love my church and doing what I do. Love is the foundation of all that we do as believers - to love God supremely and love our neighbors like we do ourselves. Helping people connect to that truth and watching the transformation that ensues is the reason I do what I do.

A message from Pastor Keith:

As a Springcreek attender please know that your ministry needs are very important to us. And to better assist you, we have qualified pastors available to handle each request with care and individual attention.

I have prayerfully chosen not to do personal counseling appointments, weddings and funerals at this time, as I strongly feel a re-emergent call to lead, pray and study God's Word in order to effectively communicate His grace during weekend messages. So if you happen to have another pastor for your service, please know that the Spirit of God will be present and the pastor will be very focused and compassionate during your family’s needs.

If you simply want to send a personal note to me, please know that I will read your note and if it is a praise report, I will rejoice with you; if it is a God story, I will be encouraged and thankful for the faithfulness of our God; if it is a note of thanks or encouragement, I will be blessed! Since I cannot respond to all inquiries or questions, I do turn to our pastoral team to help with responses.

I hope you understand that I am pouring myself into the pastors on our team that can and will go and be where I cannot. They have God's calling and my full confidence and blessing to minister to your needs. I appreciate your understanding and would ask for your prayers for myself, our team and Springcreek Church as we move forward together in seeking God's direction for the future.

In grace,
Pastor Keith