A Shift in Perspective

keith hospital.jpg

Over the 30 plus years I’ve lived here, I think I have visited every hospital that exists in the metroplex. I’ve ministered to numerous Springcreekers and their loved ones in times of birth and death, accident and injury, disease and infection. In all that time, I’ve avoided being in the hospital myself.

All that changed for me this week. I’ve been battling diverticulitis for the past six months. There’s barely a week that went by that I wasn’t on heavy antibiotics. Finally, I was faced with inevitability. I had to have surgery to remove about 18 inches of my colon. I didn’t want to but with each episode, I was running a greater and greater risk of my compromised colon rupturing (which could be fatal).

I confess. I was scared, uncertain and focused on the worst. But God surrounded me with people who were speaking God’s healing truths to me, my wife, Paula Margeson, Ryan Flemons, Misty Lowe, Barb Freeman, Carolyn Adkins and many others. Sometimes God sends special messengers on assignment to your life just to let you know, “I’ve told others about you. They know because I told them this will be good, for your benefit, and your total healing will be the result.” There is something so reassuring about a word God gives to a friend on your behalf. It’s almost like, in that moment, borrowing their faith to shore up your own. 

I’ve also come away with a profound appreciation for those who work in the healing profession. I’m at Big Baylor in Dallas recovering. Every single person with whom we’ve interacted has been kind, compassionate, great listeners and made us feel like our needs were of supreme importance and that they themselves were happy to serve. Many have spoken words of blessing over me. Others have assured me of their prayers. Baylor Hospital has been an amazing experience. I know that I have been deeply healed through skilled surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and staff. God has been abundantly kind to me. 

So, whatever you’re going through, wherever you go, regardless of how long it takes to reach your destination - watch for God’s kids on special assignment. They are there to speak words of life, healing and hope over you.