La Violeta, Ecuador

La Violeta (The Violet) is a unique World Vision engagement between an indigenous community of Ecuador and a collaboration of national and international churches. Like most first nation people, La Violeta represents the margins of society where an entire people group have lived for generations under systemic oppression and neglect. As a church, we had a choice – a hand-out or a hand-up? We chose the latter and are so glad we did. All around the world, the single greatest ticket out of poverty is a good education. Through a proven academic intervention, we are helping to move the next generation out of dependency and into sustainability. The indigenous youth are entering university and are committed (once their education is completed) to returning to their communities to give back what was given to them. Their faith is an inspiration to us all! 

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Your Giving Changes Lives

Did you know that with your offerings, we were able to raise $75,000 in December 2018 for Global Missions in Ecuador? Your generosity is touching the lives of the indigenous youth of La Violeta with hope and a higher education.
Thank you for making a Kingdom impact. 

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Imani Bridges: Africa

Imani Bridges is a collaboration between Springcreek Church and numerous Christian denominations in the country of Nigeria who are united under the umbrella of Imani Bridges (Imani is the Kiswahili word for Faith). In the ancient slave port of Badagry lies a community that many locals describe as cursed - cursed because of its history of selling their own people. We have partnered with Imani Bridges to demonstrate the power of the gospel to bring healing in the place of deep woundedness. In cooperation with various denominations and local churches, we have helped to build a school at the heart of this forgotten community. In addition, our pastor is part of the faculty of The Imani Bridges Leadership Institute that is responsible for training hundreds of indigenous pastors in holistic and transformational ministry development. We are helping to give the tools necessary for national pastors to carry on and multiply the work. God is raising up His church in Nigeria!

In March 2018, we participated in a transformational engagement mission trip to Badagry, Nigeria.  We go on missions to serve others but we come away realizing we are the ones being served.  We go to bless those less fortunate but we come to understand we were the ones blessed.  We go to share the love of Christ and come back recognizing how much He truly loves us and works through us all when we make ourselves available.

Upcoming Events:

2019 Imani Bridges Mission Trip - March 8-18, 2019
Please pray with us for the 17 people on the Mission Team (five from Springcreek),
their safety, and that God would work through them to transform lives.

There are several areas of ministry planned:

  • Medical outreach

  • Compassionate outreach

  • Children and youth outreach

  • Vocational training (computer training, jewelry making, soap making, etc.)

  • Imani Leadership Institute Business Track (tourism, videography, book writing, etc.)

A 2018 Update from Pastor Keith Stewart...

"As many of you already know, twice a year I travel to Nigeria to train pastors and Christian leaders through the Imani Leadership Institute. Having been a pastor myself for more than thirty years and having the privilege of leading a great church like Springcreek, it is vitally important to pass onto the next generation some of the significant lessons we‘ve learned along the way. One of the single greatest ways we multiply our influence is by impacting other leaders who then touch the lives of so many others."

"I’m also here to check on the progress Imani Bridges is making on the Transformational Engagement Center in Badagry. Springcreek families and individuals gave generously last fall to ensure the school will be open by this coming September. I’m happy to announce that everything is on track to be open this fall! Thank you, Springcreek Church, for bringing real hope to this forgotten community. We may never fully know the impact we are having both here and around the world simply because we chose to love others as we love ourselves."

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